American International Journal of Social Science

ISSN 2325-4149(Print), ISSN 2325-4165(Online) DIO: 10.30845/aijss

Media and Social Media’s Impact on Citizens’ Perception of the Frequency of Crime Occurrence in the United States
James R. Jones, Ph.D.

The purpose of this study was to examine the impact media, and social media has on Americans’ perception of crime rates in the United States of America. In addition, the research also explored the association between the frequency of viewing media outlets, and the prevalence of the use of social media and how it impacts one’s perception of crime rates. The research consisted of 370 participants. Close ended surveys were provided with the research question asking “How much does media, and social media influence your perception of how often crime occurs”. A multinomial logistic regression was conducted to determine the extent to which perceptions of rate of crime occurrence was related to the outcome measured.

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