American International Journal of Social Science

ISSN 2325-4149(Print), ISSN 2325-4165(Online) DIO: 10.30845/aijss

Vol. 6, No. 2, June 2017

Table of Contents
Changes in EBP
Sally G. Mathiesen, Ph.D; Tonika D. Green, Ph.D; Hannah Swanson, M.Ph.
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Union Matters: United Food and Commercial Workers Local 12R24 Members Assistance Program
Linda Hood, Rick Csiernik
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The Strategies to Improve the Cultural Awareness among Senior High School Students through Learning Media Based on Android Application of Digital Comic
Arif Agung Prasetyo, Hermanu Joebagio, Warto
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Subterranean Failures of Education in Flourishing Individuals: From the Perspectives of Paradigm and the Simulation Theory*
Hamit Ozen, PhD
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Enhancing Civilian and Military Relations to Prevent Insurgency in Borno State, Nigeria
AbubakarMu’azu, PhD; Mohammed Ibrahim, PhD; Sani Mustapha Kura
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The Effect of Petroleum Profit Tax on the Profitability of Listed Oil and Gas Companies in Nigeria
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Women Survivors’ Perceptions on Susceptibility Factors to Intimate Partner Violence
Kabaria Muriithi Joan, Ngige W. Lucy, Kimani N. Elishiba
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The Strategies to Increase the Nationalism of Senior High School Students through the Historical Inquiry-Based Module
Mela Mita Septiana, Akhmad Arif Musadad, Nunuk Suryani
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The Effectiveness of Bung Tomo’s Biography Module Based on VCT in Historical Learning to Improve the Value of Patriotism
Dwi Ramadani, Sariyatun, Leo Agung S
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The Internalization of R.A Kartini’s Heroism Values in Social Science Learning to the Students of Junior High School
Yohana Karolina Wolly, Sariyatun, Sunardi
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Digital Media Based on Macromedia Flash to Increase the Historical Learning Interest of Senior High School Students
Agi Ma’ruf Wijaya, Nunuk Suryani, Sudianto
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Plagiarism and Technology: Education for Ethics as an Instrument for Fighting Academic Fraud
François Silva Ramos, Maria das Graças Gonçalves Vieira Guerra
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Reflections on the Legal Policy Supporting Systems of Undergraduates' Entrepreneurship
Liang Sen
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Specific Elements of the Strategic Advantages of the Official and Working Languages in the International Community
Boris Mijović, Filip Turčinović
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Some Problems and Suggestions in the Construction and Management of Laboratories for Economics and Management Teaching
Yong-Rong WENG
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