American International Journal of Social Science

ISSN 2325-4149(Print), ISSN 2325-4165(Online) DIO: 10.30845/aijss

Strategic Considerations for the Implementation of a New Customer Relationship Management System in Higher Education
Dr. Kathleen Houlihan

Implementation of a campus wide customer relationship management (CRM) system is necessary to improve the process and reporting of prospective student information. Integration of three separate databases will be required and the implementation will impact five major university departments 1. Undergraduate Admissions, 2. Graduate Studies, 3. Graduate Education, 4. Marketing and 5. Student Services. Furthermore this integration process and implementation will impact the current university contract and IT service agent, who handles the information technology services. The scope of this paper is to present the two systems being considered for CRM implementation. The two systems being considered are Banner 8 and EMAS Pro 8.6. The implementation plan will also be set to ensure the university has board approval in time for the next fiscal year. The implementation plan will include end user training and integration onto the elected system

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