American International Journal of Social Science

ISSN 2325-4149(Print), ISSN 2325-4165(Online) DIO: 10.30845/aijss

Adventure Sports Tourism in Northern Cyprus: Extreme, Lifestyle and Alternative Sports
Asst. Prof. Dr. Rukiye Kilili, Dr. Mathew Wallace, Asst. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Bozdaglar

It is suggested in the literature that we have entered a postmodern era with a growth in new sports associated with spontaneity and playfulness as opposed to the rationalised and standardised characteristics of many traditional sports. Many of these new sports have been categorised as being alternative, lifestyle or extreme sports and are known to have fewer rules and regulations than conventional sports. Alternative sports have experienced a significant increase in popularity with many of them being adventure sports. For example; surfing, wakeboarding and mountain biking. The global sporting landscape is now comprised of participants who intentionally pursue experiences of risk and danger (e.g., snowboarding, bungee jumping, cave diving, parkour, mountaineering, free running, rock climbing). This study aims to contribute towards understanding the extent that international tourists have overlooked Northern Cyprus as a destination of choice for these new sport forms and their potential to revitalize its adventure sports tourism industry. A thriving sports tourism industry can create income, employment, civic pride, and cultural rejuvenation and education opportunities.

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