American International Journal of Social Science

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Some Specificities of the Ambassador at Large Diplomatic Institute
Prof. FilipTurcinovic Ph. D. Summary Development of diplomatic service in general is in the process of deregulation and even de-formalization. In the EU these processes have been in the uncertain, but recently rapid course. We are witnessing the very initiation of the European Diplomatic Service. According to some announcements, it should be a pathway towards the EU single diplomatic presence. However, it seems that such kind of trend remains only a postulate, as the EU Diplomatic Service`s interests are not equal to interests of all EU member-states when it comes to a substantial part of the foreign policy issues. The fact of importance is that the EU is an international legal entity different from a state, and that its structure is established by means of treaties which have sometimes been revised by amendments. The norms contained in them are similar, by their effects, to constitutional norms. In order to get the correct conclusions and acceptable review it is not enough just to get the EU legislature analyzed. By our opinion, it is necessary to carry out a number of comparative analyses of the other non-state entities. In addition to that, it is necessary to carry out analyses of both relevant phenomena within institutions and these institutions identity building processes. Therewith, variant diplomatic institutes, such as the Ambassador at Large, illustrate the abundance of scope of diplomatic activities of states in general as well as of variant international judicial entities. By analyzing them, at least partial presentation of the above diplomatic institute could be made and some of its features pointed at, though as objectively as possible in the frame of this paper.

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