American International Journal of Social Science

ISSN 2325-4149(Print), ISSN 2325-4165(Online) DIO: 10.30845/aijss

The Reform of Service Bureaucracy in the County Building Permit in Banyumas
Anwaruddin, Prof. Dr. Sri Suwitri, Prof. Drs. Y.Warella, Dr. P. Israwan Setiyoko

Article licensing service bureaucracy reform is more focusing on three aspect, they are; restructuring the bureaucracy, standard operational procedure rearrangement and the rearrangement of resource agencies. The process of implementation of the restructuring of the bureaucratic Ministry licensing is done through the strengthening of the Organization, with the revamp of the bureaucracy of the Echelon like: Echelon III becomes II, that is equivalent to Echelon team conducting multiple instances servicing building permit, to facilitate coordination and the process of determination of the worth or whether the proposed creation of an IMB permitted by the citizens, and to get the authority publishing letters IMB from Regent to the head of BPMPP in order to shorten the time of clearance process IMB hierarchy; Preparation of the SOP are simpler, clearer and transparent; Apparatus Setup through recruitment and placement apparatus based on competencies, making the details of the task is clear and unequivocal, as well as the development of the ability of the apparatus through the various types of training. Bureaucratic reform is done through the three aspects, are able to improve the quality of service of IMB, one of them was able to shorten the time of completion of the IMB, which had 60-74 completing time work days to 14 working days.

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